Full Paper Submission Date
Sept 15, 2024
Notification of Acceptance
Oct 30, 2024
Revised Paper Submission
Nov 15, 2024
Early Bird Registration
Nov 20, 2024
Late Registration
Nov 25, 2024
Conference Dates
Dec 23-24, 2024


Track 1: Exploring Optimization Tools and Techniques in Engineering and Technology: Current Trends and Applications

  • Dr. A. Suresh
    Dr. A. Suresh(Session Chair)
  • Dr R Udendhran
    Dr R Udendhran(Session Co-Chair)

Track 2: Massive IoT Connectivity for Large-Scale Mobile Communications (Dr. A. Suresh)

  • Dr. Hari Mohan Rai
    Dr. Hari Mohan Rai(Session Chair)
  • Dr. Kaustubh Kumar Shukla
    Dr. Kaustubh Kumar Shukla(Session Co-Chair)

Track 3: Machine Learning Applications in Business Decision Making

  • Dr A Mansurali
    Dr A Mansurali(Session Chair)
  • Dr Manikandan Rajagopal
    Dr Manikandan Rajagopal(Session Co-Chair)

Track 4: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

  • DR.K.Kalaiselvi
    DR.K.Kalaiselvi(Session Chair)
  • Dr.D.Karthika
    Dr.D.Karthika(Session Co-Chair)

(Session Co-Chair) Track 5: Next-Gen IoT Solutions: Unlocking Possibilities with WSN and Machine

  • Shalli Rani
    Shalli Rani(Session Chair)
  • Dr. Divya Gupta
    Dr. Divya Gupta(Session Co-Chair)

Track 6: Intelligent Computing in Multidisciplinary Engineering Applications

  • Dr. Aarti Chugh
    Dr. Aarti Chugh(Session Chair)
  • Ashima Rani
    Ashima Rani(Session Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Nisha Charaya
    Dr. Nisha Charaya(Session Co-Chair)

Track 7: Recent Advancements, Innovations, Future Trends in Emerging Technologies & Their Impacts

  • Rajesh Kumar Tyagi
    Rajesh Kumar Tyagi(Session Chair)
  • Priyanka Vashisht
    Priyanka Vashisht(Session Co-Chair)

Track 8: Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing Implementation (Dr. Neeraj Singh)

  • Dr. Hari Mohan RaiDr.Neeraj Kumar Singh
    Dr. Hari Mohan RaiDr.Neeraj Kumar Singh(Session Chair)
  • Pradeep Kumar Sharma
    Pradeep Kumar Sharma(Session Co-Chair)

Track 9: Blockchain based Digital Image Steganography (Dr Juhi Singh)

  • Dr Juhi Singh
    Dr Juhi Singh(Session Chair)
  • Dr Arun Kumar Singh
    Dr Arun Kumar Singh(Session Co-Chair)

Track 10: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of Advance Technologies and High performance computing for IoT & Image processing (Dr.Sharmila)

  • Dr.Sharmila
    Dr.Sharmila(Session Chair)
  • Arathy Rajeev
    Arathy Rajeev(Session Co-Chair)

Track 11: Security and Privacy in an AI-Driven World (Dr Shweta Sinha)

  • Dr Shweta Sinha
    Dr Shweta Sinha(Session Chair)
  • Shishir Singh Chauhan
    Shishir Singh Chauhan(Session Co-Chair)

Track 12: Recent Trends in AI, Machine Learning and IoT (Dr. Samir Ajani)

  • Samir Ajani
    Samir Ajani(Session Chair)
  • Suresh Limkar
    Suresh Limkar(Session Co-Chair)

Track 13: Industry 5.0 for Smart Technologies Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain

  • Dr Khyati Chopra
    Dr Khyati Chopra(Session Chair)
  • Dr. Sherin Zafar
    Dr. Sherin Zafar(Session Co-Chair)